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Here at FREE GENEALOGY we're keen on discovering our past ancestry and discovering more and more members of our family tree. The other day I had contact from an ancestor from Australia and low and behold a lot more family members to start adding onto the family tree and to delve into further.

I'm very very thankful that the web can start to help make genealogy and the ancestrial hunt that much easier (and harder in some ways) and as such wanted to detail down some helpful hints and tips about the immigrants guide to Australia.

Good luck in your search from the Free Genealogy team.

Immigrants Guide to Australia

  • All passengers, regardless of their travel class, were allowed to take baggage to the extent of fifteen or twenty cubic feet.
  • For the many months of the voyage, wives were instructed to take three cotton dresses, one pair stays, four petticoats, sixteen chemises, two flannel petticoats, whilst husbands were instructed to take two fustian jackets, waistcoats, and trousers, three pairs canvas trousers, one over-coat, and two felt hats.
  • Men were advised that the wife make as many of her clothes on board as possible, as the occupation serves to pass away many an otherwise idle, heavy hour.
  • Three types of travel were available -- cabin, intermediate, and steerage with tickets costing between £20 and £70
  • Women received the same rations as men. Children between one and fourteen receivedhalf an adult's rations. Children under one, no ration, except one quart of water daily.
  • Matrons were appointed to undertake the motherly duty of seeing that all the young females are in their sleeping apartments at a proper hour.
  • Passengers were required to rise by 7am and to be in their beds by 10pm.

Source: Capper J. 'The Immigrant’s Guide to Australia', George Phillip & Son, 1853.

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