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Genealogy reference sites are invaluable for anyone building their family trees and there are certainly a good few out there. All of the sites below have been reviewed to help you make your decision that much easier. But, you might just find that you'll want to visit all of them. Take a look around and remember to check back as they are often updated. Search Reference sites, Cemeteries, Celebrity Cemeteries and Latter Day Saints sites.

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    Cemeteries - A good addition to the free genealogy site and expanding every day as cemeteries become an increasingly popular addition to the genealogy hobby and family history lifestlye. Get even more information on your ancestors by searching the sites below and start to add in even more work to those free family tree templages you can find here.

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    Celebrities Cemeteries - Genealolgy has become more and more popular as a hobby and I hope that free genealogy has helped you in some way. To add a fun section to the site you can now look up information on celebrities cemeteries so when you get stuck on that family history clue take a break a check out the recommended sites below.

  • Pat's Presidential Places - features pictures of the gravesites of U.S. Presidents, Vice Presidents, presidential and vice-presidential hopefuls, and New York State Governors.
  • Find A Grave - alphabetical and geographical listing of the final resting places of celebrities and not-so-famous people around the world.
  • Political Graveyard, The - database of historic cemeteries containing the graves of famous politicians.
  • Dead Presidents - features the final resting places of many American presidents.
  • Beneath Los Angeles - contains photographs by Steve Goldstein of the graves of famous and infamous people in Southern California.
  • Old West Gravesites - features photos of the gravesites of famous Native Americans, outlaws, and lawmen.
  • Page of The Dead - offers stories and photos of the graves of famous poets, painters, and cemeteries.
  • Hollywood Underground - burial sites of stars, moguls, and eccentrics.
  • Morbid Curiosity - celebrity tombstones across America.
  • Cemetery of Rock - graves, gravesites, tombstones, memorials, tributes, and death locations of dead rock stars.
  • Famous Graves - focuses on France, Austria, Spain, and other European countries.
  • Famous Resting Places - photographs of the graves of Chopin, Shakespeare, Darwin, Churchill and Hawthorne.

    Epitaphs - NEW! Yes you've guessed it. From cemetries to epitaphs free genealogy is all about those new and exciting branches of the genealogy hobby that are popping up all over the place (much like our family trees). Take a look at the sites below as they are great to read through and might introduce a few more ideas about your own family history hunting.

  • Epitaph Browser, The - a collection of tombstone epitaphs, both of the famous and of the obscure.
  • Actual Epitaphs - unusual epitaphs spotted on tombstones in English and U.S. cemetaries.
  • Epitaphs Page - an A-Z index of interesting epitaphs, with recommended links and information about the subject of each one.
  • Epitaphs and Short Poems From Early Gravestones of New England - gravestone inscriptions or epitaphs from New England history, carrying quotations, warnings, and memorial verses.
  • Kohima Epitaph - history of the Kohima Epitaph, the inscription on the Kohima War Memorial in India, honouring World War II soldiers who died there. The epitaph has since been used on war and veteran's memorials around the world.
  • Plan Your Epitaph Day - holiday dedicated to the proposition that a forgettable gravestone is a fate worse than death. Browse famous and unique epitaphs and get inspiration for your own memorial.
  • Rosebud's Epitaphs - one collector's selection of favourite epitaphs collected from tombs and monuments acorss the U.S.
  • Victorian Epitaphs - excerpts from an 1873 collection of poems deemed suitable for epitaphs and tombstone inscriptions. From Victorian Halloween.
  • Wikiquote: Epitaphs - lists unusual, inspiring, or wry epitaphs and headstone inscriptions from the graves of famous historical figures. From Wikiquote.
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    Census Records - A constant core to any genealogist and a favorite of free genealogy so check back often for even more free genealogy cencus record reference sites.

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