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2007 Free Genealogy Archives

The free genealogy site is a free genealogy listings site encompassing a huge range of genealogy related articles, hobbies, help and guide sections and much more. Updated daily with helpful advice, surnames, articles and links all dedicated to the online genealogy and ancestry sector, searching for that missing family history fact or just thinking about starting your family tree has never been easier . It's all here so search away and make sure to check out the latest special FREE databases .

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FREE - Complete UK Birth, Marriage & Death Records (with images)
FREE - View the 1881 UK Census
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Find My Past - Quality Genealogy site ofering a range of records to help search your Family History


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2007 Archives will be updated in due time. Why not take a look around the site in the mean time or visit Free Genealogys other Archive Months.


10 Free Sites to check out

1. FreeBMD
A large portion of the Civil Registration Index of births, marriages and deaths for England and Wales have been transcribed by volunteers and can be searched online for free at FreeBMD. Images of many of the original BMD indexes can also be viewed. Be sure to click on the page number when searching for marriages, to view a list of potential spouses. And once your research takes you back past the onset of civil registration in 1837, check out FreeREG for a companion project of transcribed parish registers.

2. Ancestry.co.uk (or Ancestry.com)
Ancestry offers online access to digitized images of all census returns from 1841 to 1901 for England, Wales, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man, and are in the process of adding these for Scotland as well. Other available records for British genealogy include early parish registers and a copy of the FreeBMD database mentioned above. You can access these records through a World Membership at Ancestry.com, or purchase UK only access for a monthly or annual subscription fee. For research in their British records they also offer limited pay-per-view access, which isn't an option in the American-based Ancestry.com.

3. Scotlands People
I could only wish that other regions had as much available online as Scotland. Through Scotlands People you can access online indexes to births, marriages and deaths from 1 January 1855, as well as images of the actual records on a pay-per-view basis. They also have all census records for Scotland from 1841-1901, old parish registers of baptisms and marriages from 1553-1854, and Wills and Testaments held by the National Archives of Scotland. This is the type of site that really fulfills my need for instant gratification!

4. National Archives of England & Wales
The National Archives offers a wide variety of digitized public records including Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC) wills from 1384 to 1858, WWI Campaign medals, service registers of Royal Navy Seamen (1873-1923), the Domesday Book, and census returns for England and Wales, 1841-1901. In general, index searches are free and you pay individually for each document you choose to download and view.

5. The International Genealogical Index (IGI)
This huge (and FREE) database from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) contains numerous baptisms and marriages transcribed directly from parish records around England and Wales. Check the source to see if the information was taken from the original parish records, Bishops Transcripts, or was provided by a church member researching his/her own family history. Most of these parish records are from the 1850s and earlier.

6. The Genealogist
Pay-per-view all-inclusive subscriptions are inexpensive here, and the credits are good for up to three months or a year, depending on the subscription you choose. This site from S&N Genealogy Supplies offers excellent value for its wealth of genealogy databases, including the full BMD index (births, marriages, and deaths), census records, parish registers, directories, and a variety of specialty databases. The BMD site (www.bmdindex.co.uk) is also affiliated, as is the volunteer indexing site UK Indexer (www.ukindexer.co.uk).

7. Find My Past
Previously known as 1837online.com, this Web site offers pay-per-view and subscription access to the Civil Registration Index for England & Wales, census records, city directories, and their most unique database - Passenger Lists of Ships Leaving the UK (1890-1919 presently available).

8. British Origins
British Origins offers a number of records not available on other sites, including access to some of the records of the Society of Genealogists. I also applaud them for their search, which allows you to search for similiar sounding first names as well as last names. This is a good site to search after you've exhausted the BMD and census sites - for wills, marriage records, court records, apprenticeship records, maps, and other goodies. This is a subscription-based site, not pay-per view - with monthly and annual options. A Origins Total Access subscription also includes access to Scots Origin (which doesn't offer very much) and Irish Origins (which does have some good records for Irish researchers).

9. Roots UK
If you're just starting out in your family history research and are unsure about plunking down money for an annual subscription-based site, then RootsUK offers an inexpensive pay-per-view service based on the indexes and records of S&N Genealogy Supplies (which also operates subscription-based site, The Genealogist, listed above). It offers clean, user-friendly navigation and an inexpensive way to look at just a few records. Once you're hooked and find yourself doing a lot of online British research, you'll likely find a better value with an all-inclusive subscription site, however.

10. Family History Online
The Federation of Family History Societies publishes a variety of online indexes on this portal site. The data, including the National Burial Index as well as local indexes to everything from baptisms to census records, is available on a pay-per-view basis at very reasonable prices. The available data varies widely by county, so check the list of available databases before you subscribe.


Collecting non-written records - Some basic hints to get you on your way with Genealogy and Family History.

1. Relatives, especially elderly ones, can be goldmines of information: seek them out and ask as many questions of them as you can.
2. Be polite and give them time to answer your questions. Face-to-face interviews are best but use the post or telephone if necessary- or e-mail, if they have it!
3. Ask structured questions, seeking (where known) names, dates of birth, marriage and death, places where they took place and occupations- but also ask for any interesting stories.
4. A trick for jogging the memory of someone who says they cannot remember something you want to know is to suggest an answer you know is wrong- it’s amazing how quickly they may contradict you.
5. Don’t just seek out older relations. Younger ones may remember things told them by deceased relatives, and they may also have old family papers.
6. Ask relatives you interview for contact details of others, enabling you network outwards.
7. Use websites like Genes Reunited to find possible new relatives and let their leads help you in your own

10 things you might not know about Maiden Names - Click here


New Databases hit Free Genealogy

Hot of the press new databases have been found and detailed down for the Free Genealogy users. Searching for Family Reunion sites Irish Clans or Scottish Clan websites then search no further. Family Reunion sites have slipped there way into genealogy lately and are becoming increasily more popular. Search through a couple yourslef and make your own mind up. As for the Irish and Scottish Clan websites - gold dust to anyone searching their Irish or Scottish roots. Click here to search through the sites


How Common is Your Name?

Among the reams of data the U.S. Census Bureau collects and generates from the national census is a list of the most popular names in the United States. Now you can find out just how common your name is. That even includes your first name since there are three listings available: by surname, by male first name and by female first name.

I checked and found that (yup, you guessed it) Smith is the most popular name in the United States out of the 88,799 surnames listed. I also checked my first name for popularity. You can do this too at:


Alternativley check out the surname section of this site - CLICK HERE


10 Questions to ask a research facility before you visit

Whether you're planning a trip to the State Historical Society, the Family History Library, the National Archives or the local courthouse, it pays to be prepared. Avoid frustration and increase your research time by asking these 10 questions in advance of your visit.

Click here to read the full article.

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Getting Started

You might think that starting out building your family tree is going to be a daunting task. Well, it doesn't have to be. Below you will find the most common sets of records to help you start or finish your genealogy research and build that family tree. See Getting Started with Genealogy for more information

Census Records

A census is an official enumeration of the population in a particular area. In addition to counting the inhabitants of an area, the census generally collects other vital information, such as names, ages, citizenship status, and ethnic background. Each census can prove to be invaluable in painting a portrait of a family at a particular place and time.


Free Genealogy Family History
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Ancestry.co.uk - Genealogy, Ancestry, Family Trees
Search over 7 Censuses ALL on Ancestry.co.uk today
1901 Census England Wales Channel Islands Isle of Man Scotland
1891 Census England Wales Channel Islands Isle of Man Scotland
1881 Census - Free England Wales Channel Islands Isle of Man Scotland
1871 Census England Wales Channel Islands Isle of Man Scotland
1861 Census England Wales Channel Islands Isle of Man Scotland
1851 Census England Wales Channel Islands Isle of Man Scotland
1841 Census England Wales Channel Islands Isle of Man Scotland

Birth Marriage & Death records -

Civil vital records—for Births, Marriage and Deaths —mark the milestones of our lives, and are the foundation of family history research. Chronicling the personal moments of our lives through the objective perspective of the public record, vital records can offer details often found through no other genealogical resource. They can be useful in proving or disproving other sources, give you a more complete picture of your ancestor, help you distinguish between two people with the same name, and help you find clues to earlier life events.

With these records, you can gain access to information regarding your ancestor's lives, such as the locations and causes of their deaths, the names of children or parents, their wedding dates and locations, and the many other details that help us record and remember the important moments in the lives of our families.

Search for BMD records here!

Search Census and BMD records here for the UK and USA

Church -

Church records contain information about baptisms, marriages, burials, and membership. In addition to the name of the person, church records often provide information about family members.

Search Church records here!

Cemetery -

Some of the cemetery records included are tombstone inscriptions, burial permits, and death indexes. These records usually show names, birth and death dates; sometimes, they include information on surviving family members.

England Cemeteries & Tombstones | Wales Cemeteries & Tombstones


Genealogy Books and Reviews

Genealogy is the study of family history. Genealogists investigate the history of individual families. This is done by professionals and amateurs on a number of different levels. Genealogy is increasingly popular today and as a result there are an increasing number of resources from a variety of sources. When researching a family you can go as far back in time as you wish and gather as much or as little information as you like. You can also organise the presentation in various forms such as the traditional family tree or a family diary. Various books and websites give you information on how to do this, ways to research and also where you can source information.

There are a number of online resources that you can access that have databases with a variety of information. You can access the Census Online, for example, which gives details dating back to the 1840s of all persons registered in Britain. There are other means of accessing information such as Local Records offices, family members and library resources. Records Offices contain similar information to the census online which gives births, deaths and marriages and will often verify this information.

As for beginning this ambitious project of researching your own family your best bet is to get a good book to start you off. There are several good books on the market that show you how to get started. `Genealogy Online for Dummies` by Matthew and April Helm gives a step by step guide on how to start and develop your research. Unlike other books which categorise the different sources of information or topics this book clearly outlines how to begin, record information as you continue and how to use the internet as a research tool.

Another useful book for those interested in using the internet as a means of sourcing information is a very comprehensive guide called `Cyndi`s List- Cyndi Howell`s 70,000 links to Genealogy.` Howell` book lists all the sites that you can visit and in what way they are useful. Looking through this book is actually quicker than searching on the internet for all the relevant sites yourself and it also contains a lot that you never even knew existed, yet is often relevant.

If you want to know how to organise your findings effectively and properly then check out `Evidence, Citation and Analysis`. This book by expert genealogist Elizabeth Shown Mills shows you how to document and present properly. It also looks at how to draw sound conclusions even from evidence that might be limited. This enables you to avoid some of the pitfalls and mistakes made when researching. It is useful for both beginners and experts.
`How to do Everything with your Genealogy ` by George C Morgan is a more general guide to the subject and covers more specifically how to conduct research and where to look both on and offline for various sources. Another useful more general guide is Stella Colwell`s `Tracing your Family History- Teach Yourself` which empowers those new to genealogy giving them the skills and tools necessary to conduct their own family history. You can look up a variety of genealogy guides through Book Scanning online or going to your local library.


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