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Welcome to the Archives. Here you'll find all of the old articles that have made it onto Free-Genealogy. Search below for census articles, bmd record information, famous people and genealogy and much much more. You've clicked on the January 2006 Archive.

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Genealogy: How to get started (Video)

Dr Nick Barratt presents a series of easy-to-follow video guides to getting started with your family history research. Also features Sue Perkins' tongue-in-cheek look at archive etiquette. Find information on Census Returns, Death Records, Personal Memorabilia, Historical context, Immigration, Oral history, Birth records, Marriage records, Tracing relatives and Wills &Probate.

BBC Online


What's In a Name? Your Link to the Past

Trades, territory, family links - studying surnames tells you about the important things in peoples' lives in times gone by. Paul Blake describes how names evolved as Britain's population increased, and led to the thousands that we use so casually today.

by Paul Blake



It’s easy to get your hands on a birth certificate ... (Holes in the system)

YOU don’t have to get into bed with eastern European gangsters to start your career as an ID thief. In fact, all you have to do to get the ball rolling is pop into your local office for registering births, deaths and marriages and start culling easily available personal documents. more..

Sunday Herald - Glasgow,Scotland,UK


Climbing up the family tree

When Alison Pierce acquired a series of old photos of her ancestors, she never guessed it was the start of a trail that would lead to the Royal Family. She told Catherine Jones about what she discovered on her quest

Catherine Jones, Western Mail


J. K. Rowling Donates Black Family Tree to Book Aid

J. K. Rowling seems to be keeping herself very busy lately. She is now one of a few authors that have donated a sheet of A4 paper with a story related to their books. The pieces of paper will go up for auction and proceeds will go to support Book Aid International. Jo wrote up an entire family tree of the Black family. On it, you will see many familiar names that will bring up even more theories for the Discussion Boards.




Researchers track gene in Lincoln's family tree

Historians have long puzzled over whether Abraham Lincoln might have had a genetic disorder called Marfan syndrome, but new research has members of the beloved president's family tree wondering whether another disorder caused his clumsy gait.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have discovered a gene mutation in 11 generations of relatives who descended from Lincoln's grandparents




Puttng a slain officer to rest: An author pieces together a family’s unknown history

NEWPORT — Standing in front of the Chittenden Bank late last year, Bridge Carney reflected on the fact that on Sept. 26, 1917, in almost in that exact spot, his great-grandfather, Joseph Manogue, took his last breath, a victim of a gunshot wound, the first and last Newport City police officer killed in the line of duty.

By Scott Wheeler | Special to the Vermont Guardian



Black History Month events

The Miami-Dade Public Library System will mark Black History Month with a series of literary and cultural events featuring nationally known authors, jazz concerts, story telling and art exhibitions. This year's theme pays tribute to black fraternal, social, and civic institutions. More...

Miami Herald Online


A brief History of English Money

Old English money, and more recent pre-decimalisation money, with its language and slang, was infinitely more interesting and colourful than anything contributed by modern coinage and banknotes. So, this section is partly a glossary of British cockney and slang money words and expressions, and also an observation of how language can be affected as systems such as currency and coinage change over time. More...

Business Balls - alan chapman




Questioning someone's identity often means stepping into sensitive territory. In Australia, determining who is Aboriginal has sparked fierce and passionate debate among Aboriginal groups.

Natasha Cuculovski asked her whether a person with fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes can have Aboriginal ancestry?

SBS Radio - The Many Voices of One Australia


You Will Never Regret Saving Your Family History

I don't think it is any secret that I enjoy history, so it shouldn't surprise you to hear that I enjoy PEOPLE who enjoy history. The reason I bring this up is because during the past couple of months I have been involved in the introduction of my new book JAMES LONGSTREET. Before Manassas & After Appomattox. I've done book signings at places like the Hall County Library, the Northeast Georgia History Center at Brenau University, Frames You-Nique, Corner Drugs and several other places ... and the real fun is meeting the people and talking history with them. I am delighted to tell you there is a real interest in local history here in Northeast Georgia.

AccessNorthGA.com, Gordon Sawyer



Ancestry.com simplifies its subscriptions

Ancestry.com has been the leading provider of database subscriptions to genealogists for some time now.

But as the data amassed by Ancestry.com has grown, the way it segmented its subscriptions into quite a number of different “collections” at varying prices became somewhat confusing — especially since the reality is that many people now get an Ancestry.com subscription when they are beginners as a way of jump-starting their genealogy. More...

Lebanon Daily News, James Beidler



Are You Descended from Irish Nobility?

A survey published in the February issue of The American Journal of Human Genetics indicates that as many as two million to three million Irishmen living today may carry the blood of early Irish kings in their veins. Men of European origin -- with Irish surnames like O'Connor, Flynn, Egan, Hynes, O'Reilly and Quinn - carry a distinctive genetic signature on their Y chromosomes, possibly inherited from King Niall Noigiallach (Niall of the Nine Hostages), an Irish king of the fifth century A.D.

Kimberly Powell, About.com


Looking for a Family Tree

Are you new to genealogy? Wondering how to get started learning more about your ancestors? I'm looking for a guinea pig (or two) for a case study on researching your family tree on the Internet. The family history research is free if you're chosen to participate. More...

Kimberly Powell, About.com



Local genealogy can become addicting

Very little attention has been focused by this writer on genealogy or history as it pertains to the eastern part of Beauregard Parish. When one begins to trace family ancestors, it often times not only becomes fascinating, it is also addicting. As in the case of this writer, it has been a longtime curiosity why her maiden name of Bertschy is of French origin. However, her ancestors on her father's side are of German descent from Darmstadt, Germany. So possibly the German ancestry is due to border disputes with France many years ago. More...



Anything can spark interest in family history, be it an old gravestone, an enlightening chat with a great-aunt or dusty photo found in the attic. Who were these ancestors? What were their lives like? What traits do you share with them? The answers to those questions come with time, dedication, a lot of work and a fondness for libraries. More...



Finding Your Ancestors on the Internet

Now that you have learned how to use the search engines effectively, it is time to learn how to fine-tune those searches to turn up pages on your specific family and not everyone who happens to share a surname. Several techniques can be used to turn those 3,002,420 SMITH pages in AltaVista into a reasonable amount of Web sites with a decent chance of containing the information that you are looking for.

About - Narrowing the Search



Track your family tree in free class

Richard L. Halliday has enjoyed research since his defense-intelligence days at the National Security Agency. So it's no surprise that the West Linn retiree has put his research interests to work building a family history that so far dates back to 1609 in Glasgow, Scotland. More...




Scientists discover most fertile Irish male

DUBLIN (Reuters) - Scientists in Ireland may have found the country's most fertile male, with more than 3 million men worldwide among his offspring.

The scientists, from Trinity College Dublin, have discovered that as many as one in twelve Irish men could be descended from Niall of the Nine Hostages, a 5th-century warlord who was head of the most powerful dynasty in ancient Ireland. More...

Reuters.uk - UK, By Siobhan Kennedy



Interested in your family tree? Experts tell us the best way to start climbing

Anything can spark interest in family history, be it an old gravestone, an enlightening chat with a great-aunt or dusty photo found in the attic.

Who were these ancestors? What were their lives like? What traits do you share with them? More...

BY ERIN WADE, The Dallas Morning News



Internet Genealogy Site Expands

Halvor Moorshead, publisher of Family Chronicle: the Magazine for Families Researching their Roots, recently announced the launch of Internet Genealogy, a magazine dealing primarily with conducting genealogy research using Internet resources. More...

By Sharon Burns, Special Correspondent - NewsOK.com


New database puts names on the map

SCOTS will be able to trace their family roots one step further from today, with the launch of a new website that traces the history and geography of surnames across the UK.

The Surname Profiler project, developed by the Economic and Social Research Council. More...

By Jenifer Johnston, Sunday Herald



WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Four Jewish mothers who lived 1,000 years ago in Europe are the ancestors of 40 percent of all Ashkenazi Jews alive today, an international team of researchers reported on Friday.

By Maggie Fox, Health and Science



Paxman in tears at the tales of his Glaswegian great-granny

Paxman weeps: an event unprecedented in the history of the BBC. It is, though, one of the strange effects of Who Do You Think You Are? Even emotional bluffers, the hard men of news and current affairs, find their defences inadequate when their forebears rise to greet them. More....

The Herald - Glasgow,Scotland,UK (Ian Bell)


Getting Started

You might think that starting out building your family tree is going to be a daunting task. Well, it doesn't have to be. Below you will find the most common sets of records to help you start or finish your genealogy research and build that family tree. See Getting Started with Genealogy for more information

Census Records

A census is an official enumeration of the population in a particular area. In addition to counting the inhabitants of an area, the census generally collects other vital information, such as names, ages, citizenship status, and ethnic background. Each census can prove to be invaluable in painting a portrait of a family at a particular place and time.

UK Family History and Genealogy Banner Exchange


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Birth Marriage & Death records -

Civil vital records—for Births, Marriage and Deaths —mark the milestones of our lives, and are the foundation of family history research. Chronicling the personal moments of our lives through the objective perspective of the public record, vital records can offer details often found through no other genealogical resource. They can be useful in proving or disproving other sources, give you a more complete picture of your ancestor, help you distinguish between two people with the same name, and help you find clues to earlier life events.

With these records, you can gain access to information regarding your ancestor's lives, such as the locations and causes of their deaths, the names of children or parents, their wedding dates and locations, and the many other details that help us record and remember the important moments in the lives of our families.

Search for BMD records here!

Church -

Church records contain information about baptisms, marriages, burials, and membership. In addition to the name of the person, church records often provide information about family members.

Search Church records here!

Cemetery -

Some of the cemetery records included are tombstone inscriptions, burial permits, and death indexes. These records usually show names, birth and death dates; sometimes, they include information on surviving family members.

England Cemeteries & Tombstones | Wales Cemeteries & Tombstones



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